Connect MIDI Piano on Ubuntu

I am using Novation LaunchKey 49 as my MIDI controller.  It is effortless to connect a MIDI piano on Ubuntu. I need two items:

  • I need a synthesizer to play music. In this case, I can use either Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard or qsynth. I used apt-get to install vmpk. I also enabled real-time process priority for jackd. It will ensure low latency,  and it will only be used for applications using jackd. It won’t replace ALSA.
  • I also need a software to connect the midi port and the sound input for the player. In this case, I’m using  Jack Control

Once these items are setup, all I have to do is two simple configurations:

  • QJackCtl: Click on connect, and link vmpk to the midi controller. Select both of them and click connect. A connection transition will show up between the two items.
  • VMPK: Click on edit, click connections, and select the input and output.

I was all set to use the midi controller on Ubuntu!

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